Monday, February 26, 2007

What are BOHO Centers?


BOHO Centers are the natural evolution in the high density retail-based mixed use development model that is emerging onto the real estate scene. Imagine if you took one of the popular faux "Mayberry" Lifestyle Centers, stripped away the faux-ness, reduced it to the scale of a small Parisian block or five and built a completely sustainable development that respects as well as enhances its surrounding environment to create a Sense of Place.

Add to the mix some affordable housing lofts for the creative class and workforce, a couple town home lofts for empty nesters... throw in professional services space, unique virtual office spaces, and balance the standard retail chain stores with emerging and authentic shops such as independent bookstores, emerging retail brands, art galleries, grocery store, bodegas, cafe's...

Then you have a BOHO Center

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